Thursday, May 19, 2011

Coffee Pot Saga

The coffee pot we had has died (Monday). While I liked the coffee pot I really don't want the same kind again.

For the last couple of days we drug out an old one for a temporary solution.(Very bad coffee) to find something soon

While I am not a coffee snob I do appreciate good coffee.
I don't like Starbucks...tastes burnt to me.

I prefer to brew my own.

So I started doing some research...since all I new was pour water in buy good coffee and voila!

What makes a good cup of coffee?
  • Water temperature is key here - you want it between 195F-204F for optimal extraction.
  • Good Coffee - order online ~the stuff in the store is a couple of weeks old
  • Use filtered water

What does Consumer Research Recommend?
Consumer Research Top 4 Coffee Maker Recommendations

Cuisinart Brew Central 

Mr. Coffee


What does Facebook friends recommend?

What am I looking for?
I don't want one of those make a cup at a time.
I don't want a ginormous machine to take up the whole counter.

I want simple.

So after doing my research I had decided to become a coffee geek and go with a french coffee press. 
For me this involved buying a coffee press and an electric water kettle.

The more I thought about it this would not work with my morning schedule of coming down stairs and have coffee waiting.  I don't know that I could deal with all the steps to make the coffee in a press....but I do want to try it some day.

Took my Facebook friends recommendation and headed to the Target this morning and purchased a Bunn.

Since it has a water tank in the back the water comes out at 200 degrees (optimum temp for brewing).
Also the way the Bunn sprays water over the grounds is for optimum flavor.

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