Monday, January 9, 2012

Recipes Organized

I just love Pinterest!
Next project was to organize all those recipes I had tucked into a binder.  I did have them in the see thru sheets but they were not organized and some of them needed to be thrown out (recipe gone bad).

So I began looking for some Inspiration at my new favorite place Pinterest!
Should I keep the binder, go to index cards and a box, or take it digital all the way?  I like the digital idea but a lot of work and I still like to have the hard copy of the recipe in front of me while I am cooking (or trying to cook?)

After looking around I decided on the binder.  With a great post from IHeart Organizing I was on my way to getting this done.

The finished product:
Folders in the front of each section to hold recipes to try.

Labels for the sections.  I just used what I had.  Some post-it labels.

So...I still need to get some see thru pockets like you use for pictures for those recipes that are not page size...but overall complete.

Cost = $0

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