Thursday, January 6, 2011

Technology, Blogging, and Photography challenges

Trying to make blog pretty and having to teach myself some new technology.

I teach technology but when I want to do something I want to do it patience.
So my blog is not pretty yet....

Thank goodness for all the bloggers out there who share what they have learned.
Some blogs that I have found that I like are:

I am trying to learn enough about Photo Shop to be dangerous.  I need to create a banner and a button from my blog.

I also can't get good pictures with my camera.  I need a lens so I don't have to stand in a corner or the other side of the house to get a good picture.  I have resorted to using my fancy phone camera.  The pics are not the greatest but loading the pics without hooking the phone to my computer is wonderful.  I just share them to the web folder I have setup.  Someone come up with that feature for DLSR / SLR cameras.  (Maybe they have and I haven't noticed?)

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