Monday, January 31, 2011

Today's post is from my inner geekness !

Wow!  Overnight I have new friends (followers)!  Thank You.
Many thanks to Debbie-doo's party for all of us new bloggers.

I was distraught over not being able to keep up with the comments.  What a nice problem to have.  My problem was that I wanted to comment back to everyone but how do you do that with blogger?  There is no reply to comment.  So I did what I tell my son to do....Go ask Google.

I think the pillow needs a ruffle.

I found this great "How-To" and now I have a reply comment on my blog!

Next up ... create a pretty signature for my blog posts.


  1. if you click on the person's name it will list information about them look under blog and then click on their blog and you can post something under their latest link or you can send them an email. Some people have 3 or 4 blogs and I just look at the one that looks most used most current or most interesting to me. I love that pillow!

  2. This is a great tip - thanks for sharing the link :-)

    Cute pillow, but you might end up with calculator button imprints in your cheek! ;-)

  3. Thanks for the tip..I went and did it right away...
    now to see what other fun things they have on there to change the blog up..check out Kevin and Amandas for cool signatures and fonts..